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While wandering around the web looking at a couple of dog sledding sites I came across Crazy Musher a fellow dog sledder who went on the exact same route as we did in Alta, the Arctic Circle in Norway. Crazy Musher was raising money for the Scott Polar Research Institute and had the initiative to take along a BBC journalist to record the trip.

This short TV news item describes and shows the same route we followed as well as interviews with our lovely Viking guide Pre Thore…


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Hi Sam! Setting off at 9 am in the snowSome stories about the trip, photo’s and a slideshow, with audio and video coming soon.

Thanks again for all the donations, having aimed for 3k a massive 7.5k has been raised and a customised wheelchair already bought for Sam, so thank you.

That’s it, no more hasseling you for money, promise…

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time to defrost

Sunset at around 3pm.

Back in one piece after covering well over 250k in what can be described as the most extreme and cold environment I’ve ever been in. Having arrived in – 8, temperatures dropped to – 35. Mad cold but that’s what Iwent there for, to see what it’s really like.
Only fell off the sled once although I did do bit of body surfing hanging off the back when the brakes slipped…

I’m amazed by the amount of sponsorship you’ve all raised and can’t thank you enough, just under £7500 is incredible. Thank you.
I’ll be updating the dog sledding page with stories about the trip and uploading photo’s when fully defrosted, which I plan to do down the pub this afternoon.

Thank you mod, dms and pixeldiva for the blogging!

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Phone been frozen hence no text. 8 hour day yesterday with 3 in the dark following a trail up river. minus 30 with wind chill. Hard but worth every second. got 2 cabin and was serenaded by man in raindeer coat who yodeled 4 my b day. Tuesday slept in cabin by lake called swan lake on hill. Had 2 drill hole in it for water. Had Ribina, snow and vodka “dakaris” then put on bikini and arctic suit and ran down hill for a sauna…rolled in the snow not once but twice to get that all important photo but the camera steamed up!

Went across proper arctic land scape today, just like a desert made of snow, and also a lake just like in the Rover ad. Last leg tomorrow then off to the ice hotel! Loving every second and never been so hungary in my life!

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The Mutley Crew

The Mutley Crew

We have the technology. We have a signal. We have pictures, live (well, almost) from the arctic circle. We might even see the nice side of the dogs sometime soon.

Message from Henny;

Staying by Swan Lake tonight. So cold today, my eyelashes froze which makes blinking interesting. My dogs are still behaving like speed freaks – just spent another half hour chasing after the sled.

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Unleash the hounds!

By text from the Artic;Finished first day of 30k breaking a trail through some woods up hill 2 flat plains with a low, barely there orange sun. Bright and warm one minute then windy snowy freezing the next. Goggles steamed up and then froze. Got off 2 a less than professional start having run around the settlement this morning after my overzealous dogs and sled. Having worried i’d get lazy ones i seem 2 have the most frisky ones and have spent most of the day with both feet on the breaks hanging off the back of the sled while everyone else pushes theirs. Will probably come back frozen in that position. the dogs are amazing, more friendly than i expected although i almost got ko’e by an over amorous one…Everything freezes really fast. Have crunchy jelly babies in my pocket and had to crack the frozen dog poo off the harness to get one off the line (they go on the move). That’s it for now, have 2 go and make soup for the dogs.

Other news – the Justgiving total has topped £7,000 – woo hoo!


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Well, Henny appears to have survived the first day handling sled and huskies, even if the temperature isn’t quite what she’d prefer. At least they’re still all together, and since she didn’t say anything about being lost in the wilderness, I’m assuming the rest of the sledging team are there too. Hopefully, they’ve reached the cabin where they’re scheduled to spend the first night.

I spoke to her briefly this evening after she texted me to ask for the area code for Gloucester, of all things. Turned out a journalist from BBC Radio Gloucester left a message on her mobile asking her to phone back to do a short interview, but only left the end bit of his/her phone number! They plan to run the piece in their news bulletins tomorrow morning. Not to be missed! And they plan to do another interview tomorrow evening. So worth listening in again on Wednesday morning too. Assuming she’s still able to get a signal on the phone. Come to think of it, how come she can get a good signal in the snowy emptiness of northern Norway, and I can’t get a decent signal west of Reading?! Hmph!

When I spoke to her, she’d just spent an hour and a half preparing reindeer meat soup and chunks of frozen reindeer meat for her team of huskies – I doubt she’ll be spending as long getting her own food ready… 🙂

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