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A while ago Webaim posted about Great accessibility blog roundup which listed various accessibility blogs that we have all referenced and fed off over the years. Inspired by this I thought I’d start compiling a list of i18n and global design blogs where I go for my daily fix. This is by no means a definitive list so if there’s something out there that I’ve missed then let me know. I’ll be updating the list so add it to your RSS, stick it on del.icio.us or bookmark the page if you want the updates.


Set up by 3 guys who feel that not enough translation happening on the web and want to encourage change. This covers translation on the web from Icelandic to Uyghur and is a gem for anyone working on multilingual web projects.

Design across cultures

Does what it says on the tin and has a strong and insightful focus on global design across cultures.

Global By Design

Web globalisation news and resources. Lots of interesting stuff here covering both the technical and non-technical aspects of internationalisation. The site also has a paid for monthly newsletter as well as free resources.

GALA on Technology

As they say themselves they are a “fully representative non-profit international industry association for the localization, internationalization and globalization industry”. Lots here on both web and software.

Richard Ishida

Heading up the W3C’s i18n Working Group, Richard’s blog looks at issues in i18n and offers practical advice and technical solutions – check out the Utilities page for some really useful coding techniques. It also points back to W3C related posts as well.

i18n Guy

Not quite a blog but a great resource when sourcing information about internationalisation, localisation and the web. Some links are a bit out of date but bare with it.

i18n G.A.L

An American expat in the UK, i18n Gal posts about “all things international, only some of them software”. There’s no tagging though which is a shame as it would make it easier to zone in on topics. She’s not a relation to 118n Guy though.

Planet i18n

Set up by the guys at the W3C’s i18n Working Group Planet 118n is a recently launched aggregator that pulls together posts from all over the web about i18n. A great resource if you’re not sure where to start.

Got any more to add? Leave a comment below with the URL and I’ll add it to the list.


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This is exciting.

Planet i18n has just been launched by the I18n Core Working Group. It gathers together posts from various blogs that talk about internationalization (i18n). While it is hosted by the W3C Internationalization Activity, the content of the individual entries represent only the opinion of their respective authors and does not reflect the position of the Internationalization Activity.

If you own a blog with a focus on internationalization, and want to be added to this aggregator, please get in touch with Richard Ishida.

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